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About Heidi Bright

A fourth generation Kirkland native, Heidi’s career path has encompassed

the investment world, marketing, advertising, & film production.

Her path has culminated in the “perfect storm” where she has worked for the past 25 years…in the high-demand realm of residential & commercial real estate.

Since the late 1990’s Heidi has had the privilege of running a record-setting real estate business. She’s handled a substantial number of record sales for Sellers who have hired her (in several geographic areas of Washington State), and has a reputation for winning in multiple Offers for many Buyers who have utilized her experience and negotiation skills as well.

Right-brain or left-brain? You decide. In the early 1980s, Heidi worked in the investment industry and was recognized by the S.E.C. as the 2nd youngest female stockbrokers in the United States. Ask Heidi for a market analysis and you’ll get a report with enormous time and effort invested to truly analyze the property…this love of “the numbers” was hatched in Heidi’s experience with Wall Street investment firms, and is part of the perfect storm that benefits her real estate clients.

After climbing as high as she could go in the investment industry, Heidi was recruited to serve as second in command at a Seattle based staffing firm. In just 3 1/2 years she catapulted this small company from under $1 million in Revenue to more than $5 million annually! It is here that she began to experience tremendous career achievement, as she executed unique branding, marketing & P.R. strategies. Her work was not only highly successful for the Seattle based firm, but also earned a Mayor’s Small Business Award and a prestigious National Award from Inc. Magazine & Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year Awards.

In 1994/95 Heidi was asked to head up the International Sales division of a Seattle based film production company. This small company had earned a prestigious Cannes Film Festival award before Heidi joined them, and the year she spent on board was just enough “up close & personal experience” in commercial film & video for her, learning the art of “story-boarding” and developing a critical-eye for editing — skills she has since employed for the benefit of real estate clients.

In 1996 Heidi co-founded a large marketing & advertising agency, Creative Connections NW, where she worked with a large cadre of Seattle’s most experienced marketing professionals. The fact is this: many incredible Creative Talent Pro’s had migrated to the Pacific NW after working in Chicago, LA, New York & San Francisco (for many of the world’s largest Ad Agencies). Names like McCann, Ogilvy, Saatchi & Saatchi, Leo Burnett and other top tier Ad Agencies were represented by the roster of veterans that Heidi’s firm worked with. It’s worth noting that Creative Connections NW housed their talent under a large non-traditional “virtual” roof — and this was an incredibly innovative (read “unheard of”) concept at that time! This is where Heidi truly learned from the Best of the Best in the World of Advertising & Marketing.

How did her real estate career begin? Good question! Destiny called when she was asked to help market an $18 million residential property in Medina, Washington (the highest priced home at that time)…so she rolled up her sleeves and created a high-impact, targeted marketing & P.R. campaign for that property using innovative marketing strategies. The result? The sale she personally procured for this property became the beginning of what has become a long list of record sales for her clients in Washington State.

Want proof? Heidi has been featured on the cover of USA Today’s Financial section, the Wall Street Journal’s real estate section, and she’s appeared in television programs such as Entertainment Tonight where the beautiful Linda Evans Estate was featured…Click here to see examples of these noteworthy features, and click here to read some of her client testimonials.

What’s on the horizon? Stay tuned and we will share some exciting news with you! There’s a link to receive our Newsletters/Blog Posts below. And be sure to Contact us for unmatched marketing strategies and superior valuation expertise for your real estate decisions!

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